What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cages?

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cages?

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cages?

One of the most loved pet animals by people all over the world is Guinea pigs. It is a domestic animal and belongs to the rodent species. This species came from the country of South America and very popular all over the world for many reasons. Some of the reasons are it is a small one, makes fun, makes the person feel happier who owns it and it is a lively pet for everyone. It is found only in domestic areas as a pet and it is not found in the wild areas for a longer time. If you are a pet lover of guinea pig and struggling to get some ideas to keep healthy and happy here are some best and healthy ideas to make it happier. The few best ideas are as follows.

Look for the cage size as this is the place your pet is going to spend the almost entire life span of its life. So better go for quite a large size of the cage that helps the guinea pig to move freely over it. When you have chosen a small cage it is very difficult to keep the food, bedsores, bathroom, and some decorative materials. This pet needs only the floor space and not in the vertical space. To make cages more spacious then go for the bigger cages that will help you in many aspects for keeping healthy pets.

Goodness of your pet

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cages?

Once if you have bought the cage and plan for the perfect place to keep the cage, then it should be consider some important points for the sake of goodness of your pet. Look for the aspects like room temperature, sounds, and some more. Don’t keep it an area which is very cold or hot because the animals may become ill. Make sure you are not keeping it in a place where near to the doors or windows. Keep it in a place of an activity area and it should have a less noise area as it might in need of some quiet time. Do not place the speakers or televisions near to it as it is very sensitive in hearing. It is important to most of all, do not keep the cage near to your kitchen or cooking area for sanitary reason.

You can keep it either inside or outside of your home. If you keep outside during the bad weather bring the cage with your pet inside. Normally if you keep inside take it outside for some time for keeping it in sunlight where it can get some Vitamins which help in growing bones. Keep away from the child as there may be chances that the guinea pig gets escaped from the cage when the kid starts playing with cage locks. If you have some other pets like cats and dogs, then do not let them come near the cage.

Get some basics to keep inside the cage

Get some basics to keep inside the cage of your pet as it keeps your pet comfort. Choose the bedding that made of paper or straw, and does not go for the pine shavings as it makes discomfort and harmful to the pet. These pigs love to burrow into their bedding for that purpose provides better size bedding. Bedding has to be changed once in a week and clean it on the spot when the bedding gets wet as it does not like to be a wet area.

Provide fresh water to make your pet happy, if you prefer a sipper bottle to feed then it will be the best option for it.  Get a water bottle with sipper which will be available on pet shops. Clean the water bottle at the time of cleaning the cage. For feeding food to your pet, keep a bowl in your cage. Try to keep the bowl made of ceramics instead of plastics. Choose a wider food bowl which helps the guinea pig to eat in its own and comfort way. Try to keep the bowl away from the bathroom in its cage for the sanitary reasons for pets. There is a chance of kicking the bowl while playing inside the cage, in such cases try to clean it immediately.

With the comfort level of guinea pig, we have chosen some of the best choices of the cage that suits your pet. The best guinea pig cages lists are as follows

Living World Deluxe Habitat

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cages?

You can find many best guinea pig cages on online store with plenty of collections. This is one of the best as it offers some good options for the pig’s comfort. It includes the size of the cage, it can be portable easily, more spacious in floor space. The cage is made of durable material along with some plastic materials. This cage includes food feeding materials and comes up with easy access to spot any area inside the cage. You can keep up to two guineas inside the cage with more comfort.

Premium Pet Playpen – Large 45” Indoor/Outdoor Cage

It is also made with more spacious in a circular shape. The circular shape helps in easy access when you keep it an open space. It has a handle to hold while carrying to another place and made of durable scratch along with chew-resistant fabric. As it has zip closure on both the top and bottom, it is easy to clean from either of its sides. You can even keep it in an outside place.

Ware Manufacturing Home Sweet Home Pet Cage for Small Animal

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cages?

If you are looking for a best guinea pig cages then you have this as the best option. It is very simple for your pets, reliable and the cage can easily affordable one. Its design is new and assembles makes easier to use. The base is deep, so you can keep bedding based on your wish. The top is made on metal which can be easily removed while cleaning.

Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

It looks so good with more features and constructed with metal. It has a built-in stand which makes the cage different from others. It’s easier when you take from one place to another. The food can be provided with the available spot through the open spot.