Medicating Dog Constipation Naturally

By | April 15, 2013

Owners do not need be surprised when their dog has an occasional constipation. Here are some ways to treat dog constipation naturally.

Give pumpkin puree for your dog to relieving constipation. The pumpkin contains fiber and a lot of moisture. A couple of teaspoons should be enough to power.

Pumpkin Puree

Two of the most effective include mineral and olive oil. Provide lubrication, we hope, help you get rid of the problem. Some owners prefer to coconut or almond as to their canines oil.

Coconut Oil Olive Oil

Apple cider vinegar is another way to treat dog constipation naturally. It is preferable to use of biological diversity. One or two teaspoons are enough.

Apple Cigar Vinegar

Now, you need to learn how to prevent disease in the first place

Dogs should always have access to drinking water. Especially important during the summer months when dehydration can quickly define. You must also pay attention to the water supply of your dog during the winter

Dog Water

Dogs need exercise for a variety of reasons. One of them is that it keeps the digestive system working properly. Be sure to provide your dog with plenty of exercise on a daily basis.

Dog Exercise

You should realize the importance of feeding your dog a healthy diet.You can find fiber in a range of foods such as green vegetables or canned pumpkin above.

Dog Diet Chart

You need to groom your dog properly. You can avoid this by brushing your dog regularly.