How to teach your dog to sit without treats

how to teach your dog to sit without treats

How to teach your dog to sit without treats falls under the category of being a responsible pet owner. A dog can make a great companion, help protect your family, and add value to your life. But, pet ownership is far more than just feeding and watering.

Being a responsible owner also means having a well-behaved companion. There are many methods of training your dog to sit that include the use of treats. But, is using treats the best approach?

Teaching and training without treats can be as simple as playing. Spending quality time playing helps to build a relationship between pet and owner as the foundation for all training.

To begin, you must remain patient. Dogs are intelligent and with constant repetition most can learn the basics in just a short time.

Training your dog without the use of treats merely takes a different kind of reward potential. Dogs are loyal, loving, and long to have your attention and approval. Those qualities make the training without treats an easy task when you add your love and support into the mix.

Show your dog what you desire by forcing their butt to the ground. Once, your dog has gotten into the sitting position, follow that with lots of praise. Pet them to show they have made you happy.

Dogs long to make their families happy. It is a pure thought, but their existence is to please. When they achieve your praise, the training becomes second nature. They will remember what brought your happiness and strive to do it again.

Be patient, be consistent, and spend time as they learn what the command SIT means for them.

Once your pet has mastered the art of sitting when commanded, you will want to add elements of distraction to ensure their behavior in the real world.

Basics of Training:


That not only means you must allow the dog a chance to learn, but you also need to keep things short. Don’t push your dog to fast. Make the lessons fun.


The no treat method of training reinforced with lots of words of praise and positivity can work excellently.


Show your dog exactly what you want him to do as you say the command SIT. Make this move over and over to show them this is the behavior that makes you happy.

When you feel your dog has achieved the first command, it is time to move into the world for other training sessions. It is important that you work on the behavior in multiple scenarios to ensure that your dog will listen to your command no matter what is occurring around them. Also, remember to say your command only once as they progress in their training. Multiple commands even if they are the same, can be confusing and distracting.
How to teach a dog to sit without treats is as much of a lesson for you as it is for the dog. It may sound easy, but the reality is that this is an excellent way to spend time with your pet. Responsible pet owners have well-behaved pets, and a SIT command is a foundation for ensuring the safety of not only your pet and family.