How to stop your dog from barking at night

how to stop your dog from barking at night

Barking dogs can be incredibly annoying at times, especially when trying to go to sleep at night. If you own outside dogs who have a bad habit of always barking mainly at night, here are tips and recommendations here for dealing with the annoyance.

These tips can stop this annoying behavior forever in your dog. These tips are both safe and highly effective in keeping your pet from barking.

Before we begin, let’s first look at why dogs bark in the first place. One of the biggest reasons dogs bark is out of pure boredom. Yes, just like with humans, dogs can get bored and must let off their excess energy in some way. Unfortunately, one of these ways they get rid of the energy is to vent it by barking. Hence the only thing to do is to ensure your dog has plenty of toys around to play with and also to give your dog plenty of exercises to wear off the boredom.

If that does not work, you wish to have taken more aggressive action. One of the ways the dog owners do this is to use what are called dog shock collars. It is an unfortunate name because it uses the word shock. We do not use these electronic collars to punish the animal by hurting it in any way. In fact, that can be very counterproductive to stop a dog from barking.

The shock collar is directly used to distract the dog and make it an annoying action. It should be no more painful to the animal than a buzzing bee is on its face. The buzzing fly analogy is a good one. We only want to break the dog’s attention when it is focusing on barking. Therefore, the collar settings should get establish so that the shock is simply an annoying thing and not a painful shock.

If the dog yelps when hit with the shock, it is set too high. You only want the canine to stop dog barking by being distracted for a short period. Also, you want the shock to be as annoying as possible without hurting him or her.

These collars can be purchased at pet retail stores for less than $100 usually. They come with a remote device and a different collar with prongs. The prongs need to fit snugly around the dog’s neck but not too tight. The remote can usually be used at least 50 yards away. Check the collar’s instructions to make sure that the distance it works will work for your yard and situation.