How to properly walk your dog

how to properly walk your dog

The proper way to walk your dog is letting the dog to follow you. It is you walking the dog but not the dog walking you. For you to achieve that, you must train and walk the dog off leash by Putting the lead on your dog and start walking. Also, take the dog to the location of training and start walking. You should also try placing something that your dog likes at 50ft distance. Practice the steps until the dog gets used to it.

Teaching your dog to walk on a leash without pulling is very tough. This is because they are energetic and always have things to attend to and places to go. When the dog is outdoors, they are very excited and faster than human beings. They would sniff, run everywhere to meet other dogs and also play, they also need to mark their territory by urinating on bushes and trees. For your comfort and the safety of the dog, you should teach the dog the proper leash behavior.

Instructions on the proper way to walk your dog

1. Train your dog without a leash to release too much energy. After the exercise take the dog for a walk in a less stimulating environment where there are no people, other dogs and vehicles.

2. You must place the leash or the guide on the dog and start to walk. It should follow you but when it does not, do not shout at it. Stop, take a turn to a different direction and start walking again. You should always praise your dog when it follows you. The praise should continue until the dog does not pull from the guide but follows you freely.

3. During training, stop each time the dog tries to pull away from the leash. Do not move until the dog refrains from pulling. Your act of stopping each time it pulls will make the dog understand that when he pulls you will definitely stop. It will take some time but eventually the dog will get used to it.

4. Use treats to walk the dog in the proper way. At distance of 50 feet, put something that the dog likes. Such as a bone, toy or a person. Ensure it knows the existence of the treat. Start to walk towards the treat. If it follows praise it and reward it with the treat.

5. For you to know and personalize how to properly walk your dog, you need to repeat the routine every time you take your dog out for a walk. With time it will learn that pulling is not proper and that when you lead is the best way.