How Caring The Dog in Hot Weather

If the weather is extremely hot, shade, dogs should preferably be kept in a heated when the temperature is very hot, limit activity, especially outside activities. Dogs must have clean water at all times, whether they are in internal or external. Heat stroke can occur in dogs as well as can their owners. A dog is suffering from heat exhaustion, panting and drooling more than normal. Dogs can get burned, too. Do not use sunscreen human on dogs; this can lead to nerve damage. Your veterinarian can provide a sunscreen that is safe for dogs.

In most cases, the dogs must never travel in very hot weather, unless it is an emergency situation. Leaving the dog in the car during the summer proved fatal for many dogs. A dog will die within 15 minutes if left in a car on a hot day.
While every dog should be taken to the vet as soon as possible signs of heat stroke or exhaustion, you can also do a number of things to help cool the dog down. Sponge your dog with cold water. Bring the dog in a room with air conditioning or use a fan to cool the dog.