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Is Coconut Substrate Good for Leopard Geckos?

Originally leopard geckos are indigenous to desert areas of Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. But mostly they can be found in the rocky shrub areas and grasslands. Thes leopards are beautiful and are also one of those who need particular temperature and humidity conditions that is suitable for their longer life. also, it is crucial to… Read More »

What Do Guinea Pigs Need in Their Cages?

One of the most loved pet animals by people all over the world is Guinea pigs. It is a domestic animal and belongs to the rodent species. This species came from the country of South America and very popular all over the world for many reasons. Some of the reasons are it is a small… Read More »

How to Treat Dog Fleas

What is the best treatment against fleas for your friend buddy? Whenever possible, the best way to treat fleas to prevent in the first time is using one of your favorite products fleas. But sometimes when you don’t see fleas on your pet, you stop the product. Most flea products on the market are considered… Read More »

Medicating Dog Constipation Naturally

Owners do not need be surprised when their dog has an occasional constipation. Here are some ways to treat dog constipation naturally. Pumpkin Give pumpkin puree for your dog to relieving constipation. The pumpkin contains fiber and a lot of moisture. A couple of teaspoons should be enough to power. Pumpkin Puree Oils Two of… Read More »

A Pregnant Dog Caring

People instinctively channeled empathy, sympathy and love for other human beings and animals. Taking care of our dogs became more of a handicap than a duty. People have now expanded human empathy that is generally recognized as fellow human beings to animals and other non-human entities. Caring for dogs becomes a task more important. taking… Read More »